Enjoy the best in sour beers


Sour beer lovers rejoice! Upland Brewing Co. is hosting its 6th annual Sour Wild Funk Fest at Mavris Arts & Event Center in Indianapolis, Indiana on April 1, 2017. We have invited 40+ breweries from across the country to come share their sour, wild and funky brews with you. 

This year's festival promises to be the best one yet! More breweries, more VIP tickets available, with early access and seminars throughout the day with industry professionals - and an indoor venue! Don't miss out, buy tickets now.

We'll also be highlighting Upland's new sour branding with art work done by Michael Cina. In 2017, we will be donating part of the proceeds from SWFF to BIG CAR Collaborative. 

Big Car Collaborative is a 501c3 nonprofit arts organization and collective of artists formed in 2004 that focuses on creative placemaking and socially engaged art. They are based in Indianapolis, Indiana. We also work in other communities and collaborate with artists and placemakers from around the world. As an adaptive and flexible cultural organization, Big Car draws together people of all backgrounds to promote and perpetuate creativity, invigorate public places, and support better neighborhoods. Big Car is a creative community builder working to boost livability from an engagement-based arts perspective. Our mission statement: We bring art to people and people to art, sparking creativity in lives to support communities